Neighbors react to magnesium explosion: “It shook the entire house.”


EATON RAPIDS, Mich. (WLNS) – It was a terrifying morning for people who live nearby Meridian Magnesium. In fact many of the residents that spoke to 6 News say that when the explosion happened, they literally felt their homes shake.

“I was sitting there watching T.V. and I heard this big boom,” said Mariam Macias-Bennett; Eaton Rapids resident.

“It shook the entire house,” Tamera Reed stated; Eaton Rapids resident.

When the Meridian Magnesium plant burst into flames, people living close-by felt their homes tremble, saw their windows rattle and some say the explosion felt like their roof was caving in.

“I saw a big flame one time on this side and I mean it was huge…you know it scared me,” said Macias-Bennett.

“It blew our curtains in and the entire sky lit up and we could see almost like a fireball with sparks and everything coming out of it,” Reed stated.

One person even says the explosion was so intense that they left their house.

“You could see large pieces of ash blowing all the way up over the trees there and I said we’re out of here,” said Pam Reed; Eaton Rapids resident.

Some are even concerned about the fumes lingering in the air.

“I can’t smell anything right now but that doesn’t mean that’s not there,” Macias-Bennett stated.

The residents tell 6 News that this isn’t the first time there has been a fire at the plant. In fact, not too long ago residents say that there was a semi-truck that burst into flames but, they say nothing compares to the explosion that happened on Wednesday morning.

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