Neogen expands reach to South America announced this week


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – For more than three decades, the Neogen Corporation has grown to become a national powerhouse in developing and manufacturing products for food and animal safety.

While the Lansing-based company has firmly stamped it’s spot as one of the area’s most successful businesses, it’s still growing.

Neogen started back in 1982 with only two employees.

Today, they do business in at least six countries world-wide with more than 1,500 workers.

Now, they acquired another business, this time, located near Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Chairman says, this move helps their goal of becoming a world-wide company.

“It’s been a great place to start, it’s been a great community, a great state, we’ve had lots of help and cooperation along the way. But as a world-wide company, we needed to have distribution to start with, for the products that we make here,” says James Herbert, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

The Neogen Corporation develops products in order to keep animals and the food we eat safe.

For example, a test kit to detect foodborne bacteria, toxins, or allergens.

And now, they’re expanding from Lansing all the way to Brazil.

“It’s an important Country for us, it is now one of the three largest food producing, exporting countries in the world because they have a lot of land mass, they have an educated population so they’re producing a lot of food to ship to a lot of other countries,” says Herbert.

According to Herbert, Brazil has a major emphasis on food safety, and it’s too expensive for Neogen to haul supplies from the U.S. overseas.

“We started finding the right places, and buying the right companies and putting it together,” says Herbert.

After a year of searching, Neogen acquired a company called “Rogama,” which develops and manufacturers rodenticides and insecticides.

With 25 employees, they work to control diseases and bacteria that could spread between farms.

Keeping the food safe from one end of the food chain to the other.

“If we put an animal in a clean facility, keep that facility clean, then the milk or the eggs that animal produces, will be clean to go from the farm gate to the dinner plate,” says Herbert.

Neogen currently has two other companies in Brazil already, and just last week, they acquired another company in England.

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