LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Attorney General Dana Nessel is holding the line against Matt Deperno.

That’s according to a new EPIC MRA poll of 600 likely and active voters. The margin of error is plus or minus four points.

In the poll, 42% of respondents said they plan to vote for Republican Deperno, whereas 48% plan to vote for the incumbent Democrat, Dana Nessel.

However, the numbers are a bit more complicated than they may seem.

Of the respondents, 36% said they are definitely voting for Deperno, whereas 6% said they are only leaning his way.

For Nessel, 43% said they are definitely voting for her, whereas 5% are leaning her way.

Nessel’s six-point lead is significant and outside the margin of error, but it’s not unbeatable. About 7% of respondents were undecided, meaning Depero still has a chance of picking up some last-minute votes.

For third-party candidates, 1% plan to vote for Gerald Van Sickle of the US Taxpayers Party and 2% plan to vote for Joseph McHugh of the Libertarian Party, bringing the third-party vote total to 3%.