LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It could be late Wednesday next week before we know who will be the next state attorney general.

“This race leans toward Nessel but because it is so close right now, a statistical dead heat, we’ll be watching late into the night,” said pollster Richard Czuba.

This contest could be a nail-biter with the final results delayed until well after the polls close and into Wednesday. 61% of voters know Dana Nessel, while 39% know the Republican challenger Matt Deperno, yet he’s neck and neck with her.

The key to the outcome rests with undecided voters, around 8% of people.

“If those voters follow their democratic pattern then I would think Dana Nessel is going [pull] out a small win,” said Czuba.

Deperno benefits from Donald Trump’s endorsement but it’s a two-edged sword. Trump can deliver hard-core Republicans but not so much with independent voters.

“We do see her winning the independent vote and that’s going to be essential for her to ease out this win,” said Czuba.

Since Republicans will vote in large numbers on Election Day, it may look like Deperno will win, but when all the absentee votes are tabulated on Wednesday, 70% of them are expected to go to Democrats.

“Anybody who declares victory early, and let’s face it, Matt Deperno may declare victory early in this race if he sees himself up, à la Donald Trump, it’s a mirage,” said Czuba.

This battle could be so close that a recount cannot be ruled out, and look out if that happens given the fact that Deperno believes the lie that Trump won Michigan in 2020.