JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Communities across mid-Michigan are always looking for ways to get people to come see what they have to offer.

In Jackson, a local organization is taking a different direction with a new ad campaign.

When it came time to launch a new ad campaign to promote Jackson, Jacob Hurt of the Jackson Anchor Initiative says it was very important to take a different direction.

“Every community says we’re a great place to live, work and play. That’s boring. Who cares about that? Everybody is going to say that. So how do we cut through that clutter?” said Hurt.

Playing off name Jackson, they came up with “Jack”.

A key part of the new Jack ad campaign is a commercial that’s receiving heavy play on Pandora radio.

“Jack is creative, collaborative, historic, and new. Jack is downtown Jackson,” says a female voice in the commercial.

The campaign also includes posters, t-shirts, social media ads, and a website.

“With local flavors, an original vibe, and authentic art, music and entertainment, Jack is never dull,” the voice says in the commercial.

Hurt says this provides a new way to look at Jackson.

“It builds on the attributes that we do have. Our authenticity, our history; embrace the grittiness that we have. Be a little edgy to resonate with our target audience demographic,” Hurt said.

The campaign is targeting millenials in the Jackson, Ann Arbor, and Lansing areas, inviting them to experience Jack.

And after they’ve met Jack, the Anchor Initiative hopes people will be inspired to invest in the community by starting a business or moving to the area.

“There is opportunity here. There is potential here. And come be a part of that. Really, the demographic we’re going after, they want to connect, they want to be involved. And that’s possible in a community like Jackson,” Hurt said.

Hurt says right now they’re looking at ways to make the campaign even bigger.

“Generally, the people who have heard it are excited. The feedback has been very positive so far,” Hurt said. “2018 should be an exciting year. It could really be the tipping point truly for downtown.”

Follow this link to view the Anchor Initiative’s Jack website:http://www.seejacknow.com/