New app aims to improve live music experience


DIMONDALE, Mich. (WLNS) – Have you ever been to a concert that was so much fun you can’t stop talking about it? What if you could rate the artist’s performance to let others know what the experience will be like?

Well, there’s now an app for that. It’s called “RateGigs” and the story behind its creation is one some of us can probably relate to.

You spend a lot of money to see one of your favorite artists perform live, the show isn’t what you expect and you want to let other people know about it by writing a review.

That happened to one man several years ago and when he realized there was no platform to share live music experiences with other people, he decided to invent one himself.

“We like to consider ourselves the Yelp or Rotten Tomatoes for live music,” said Spencer Lebel; CEO/Founder of RateGigs.

Lebel is a Dimondale native and he’s the brains behind this new app called “RateGigs.

“A mobile application that allows music lovers to rate and review artists, venues and festivals,” Lebel stated.

Lebel, a recent CMU graduate says he and his team poured their heart and soul into this app eager to see it become a reality.

“I was at Central Michigan University working on the app, going to school full time,” said Lebel.

And his hard work paid off. “RateGigs” is now up and running and with this weekend being the “Common Ground Music Festival,” Lebel says he’s gotten the chance to test it out.

“Everyone we’ve talked to at Common Ground loves the application, they put it on their phone, they immediately are reviewing,” Lebel stated.

He says it’s simple and easy to use and best of all, it’s free.

“You can go on the application, make an account, tell us what artists you like, how far you’re willing to travel to see a festival or a concert, and then you can just get right to rating. So you can rate any artist you’ve seen in the past, you can rate anyone you’ve seen today and of course the shows you’re going to see in the future,” said Lebel.

And not only do concert-goers benefit from this, but so do the artists. Lebel says the app offers feedback for them as well.

“We hope that the artists take these reviews, improve their performance, see what their fans like, and listen to their fans and interact with their fans,” said Lebel.

Something this entrepreneur hopes will create another outlet for music enthusiasts.

“I think what makes this app so unique is that it’s just, it’s such a common idea and when we talk to people and we tell people what we are, they’re just shocked that it’s not already out there,” Lebel stated.

Lebel says right now the app is only available for iPhone, but they’re working to get it up and running for Android as well.

If you’re interested in learning more about “RateGigs,” we’ve posted a link under the “Seen on 6” section of our website.

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