LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – In Michigan, some people joke that we only have 2 seasons; winter and construction and we are currently in the middle of both. That’s why lawmakers are trying to pass a few bills that they hope will increase safety in construction zones.

How much do you slow down when you’re in a construction zone? Do you only do it if you see a police officer nearby? These are all questions that Michigan lawmakers considered when writing up these bills.

Representative Will Snyder, who sponsored the bill, says they’ve already passed in the house, and are currently sitting in front of a senate committee.

 “What they do is set up a process for automated speed cameras in construction zones, ” Synder said.

The proposed law would allow for Michigan State Police and the Department of Transportation to use cameras to issue speeding citations through active work zones. These cameras would be able to be installed in locations where police officers often cannot.

It would only apply to sites that don’t have barricades set up and would go off when they sense a driver going 10 miles an hour over the limit.

“First violation is a written warning, second violation is a $150 fine, and your third violation is a $300 fee,” Synder said.

If adopted, Michigan would be the 18th state with a law like this. According to state officials, there has been an average of 14 worker fatalities in construction zones each year, and they hope. They are hoping for similar results to the ones seen in Maryland.

“They saw in the first year an 80-percent reduction in speeding violations in construction zones… in over a three-year period they saw fatalities decrease by about half,” Synder said.  “It’s about saving lives and making sure construction workers remain safe doing their jobs.”

Rep. Snyder hopes this will become law by next spring when construction ramps back up.