(WLNS) — The teenage boy charged in a sexual assault that took place inside of Eastern High School last year learned the consequences of his actions on Thursday.

The boy will not  see any jail time, but Ingham County Judge Janene Lawless ordered the teenager to participate in teen lifestyle and attitude program offered through the court.

6 News will not use his name, because of his age.

The mother of the teenage girl assaulted in the school stairwell agreed to speak with 6 news commenting “I would say that what the judge offered and sentenced him to was appropriate.”

The victim’s family says they have no ill-will toward the teenager, but it’s a different story for the school district.

In the Notice of Intent to sue filed with the Michigan Court of Claims last week the family says administrators at Eastern High School decided to suspended their daughter for a total of 10 days effective October 14th, and found her assault allegations to be “untruthful”.

However,  in an incident report dated one week after the assault, a Lansing Police Public Safety officer admits to having seen video of the incident, and wrote that the “video supports a majority of the girl’s claims though there is no audio.”

Karen Truszkowski, the family attorney, tells 6 News ” The school district’s interpretation and reaction to what happened definitely was different than the interpretation of the prosecutors office and the Lansing Police Department. I can say that.”

According to court documents the suspension lasted 12 days in all, but still the victim has not been allowed back on school property, and was even escorted off of the school grounds.

The girl’s mother says, “I think that a complete and thorough change of heart and mind and understanding needs to take place, not only here, not only in our community, not only in our school district but nationwide.”

The Lansing School District provided us this statement on the case, “The Lansing School District regularly reviews information provided by local law enforcement affecting and involving its students, as part of its ongoing commitment to ensuring a safe school environment.  The District does not comment on any corrective action it takes with respect to any individual student, out of respect for the privacy rights of our students.”

According to the victim’s mother, in order to continue attending Eastern High School, the district is requiring her daughter to write a letter explaining why she should be allowed back in class.

She’s using an online program to finish up her schooling.

Meantime, the teen charged in her assault has transferred to Everett High School.

Earlier in April, the teen plead guilty to one misdemeanor count of Indecent Exposure.

An official Title IX complaint has yet to be filed.