LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)—A new development proposal could bring new housing and business spaces to southwest Lansing. Former Pleasant Grove Elementary School is the area being looked at as the site for the development.

The vacant property at the intersection of Pleasant Grove and West Holmes will be the site of two new buildings. One of those buildings will be housing two stories of commercial space, and another with 30 apartments.

Officials say the development also plans to hold the legacy and vision of social and economic equality inspired by Malcolm X. He attended Pleasant Grove Elementary School as a young boy.

Lansing City Council president Adam Hussain said that the project will boost a part of the city that tends to be under-served. 

“It’s a game changer in my Opinion. it’s rare, and it is really rare in terms of south west Lansing to have a project that checks so many boxes all at once,” said Hussain, “but the promise of this project is exciting, the folks in south west Lansing are excited, they are feeling supported and it is up to me to express that.”

The development proposal will be presented to the City Council for a vote. If approved, development will start with a demolition of the school this summer.