LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Lansing’s east side got the spotlight this weekend in the New York Times, highlighting a new health care clinic opening up this summer. Many residents are looking forward to it so they won’t have to travel outside the community for medical help.

This new clinic will give those in, what most consider, an under-served community, access to affordable health care, right in the heart of Lansing’s east side. Thanks to money used from federal COVID relief funds.

Neighborhood leader Jennifer Grau has lived in this neighborhood for the past 30 years. She says this neighborhood has come very far from what used to be: mostly abandoned houses.

“Our neighborhood has been working really hard over the last 30 years to make this a great place to live.”

And now the county will invest more than $900,000 in a primary health care clinic, making it easier for people in this community to walk to their doctor’s appointments.

“So having a clinic that will allow them to get treatment when they need it. And particularly at a time of covid and pandemic is an enormous help to the community.”

The clinic will be attached to the Allen neighborhood community center, which has affordable housing, a farmers market, and a food pantry in the same building. With a new pharmacy and a brand new bus stop, this will be a one-stop-shop for citizens on the east side.

Joan Nelson, the executive director of Allen Neighborhood Center, stated “We think that this is a walkable bikeable busable clinic for the 18,500 people that live on the east side.”

Executive director of Ingham community health centers Chris Drake stated “What we are going to do is provide primary care, behavioral health services, pharmacy services, and a lab. And we know that this is a sorely needed resource in this community.”

Those resources here are closer to where people live work and enjoy their lives.

The federally funded clinic is scheduled to open in June, and will also be a hub for residents who don’t have health care to stop in and register for Medicaid.