New Mayor and city council members take office in Lansing

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s a new year and Lansing has a new Mayor.

It’s the beginning of a new era in Lansing, Andy Schor has been sworn in as the city’s new Mayor along with 3 new city council members.

During the city’s 2018 inauguration ceremony Mayor Schor stood alongside family members, took on a new title, and shared with the community his direction for the city.

“As the leader of Lansing, as Mayor, it’s my responsibility to implement our vision for Lansing’s future. I will make this my vision. As I said repeatedly in the campaign, everything we do will be put through the prism of what is the best thing for this city,” says Mayor Schor.

He says he hopes to continue building up the community, creating stronger neighborhoods, and dealing with legacy costs.

“We’re going to get in and we’re going to start working on all these things. So the issues are nothing different than they were in the campaigns. You don’t talk about one thing and do something else, you talk about it and then you do it,” says Mayor Schor.

During the ceremony Lansing City Clerk, Chris Swope, and city council member Kathie Dunbar renewed their oaths of office for another term.

In addition, 3 new city council members were sworn in. Peter Spadafore, Jeremy Garza, and Brian T. Jackson.

Council member Garza says he hopes to start re-vitalizing the city’s parks and fixing abandoned buildings.

“I’m going to do what’s right for the citizens of Lansing and it’s about time their voices be heard,” says Garza.

Council member Spadafore says he’s hoping to take a hard look at the city’s infrastructure.

“The roads we have, are they the roads that we need? For instance, one-ways downtown, roundabouts, should we have more bike lanes, should we have fewer bike lanes? We need to start thinking of a comprehensive infrastructure and transportation system and that’s what I hope to do over the next year is take that input to develop that long term plan,” says Spadafore.

The new mayor says he’s going to get to work right away.

This week he’ll be moving into city hall and says he has a retreat planned to go over the vision for each department in the city.

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