New method used to fill Michigan’s talent shortage


Job openings posted across the country are going unfilled. Employers said it’s because there aren’t enough skilled and qualified workers out there. But there’s a local effort to help fill the gap and to get people trained and ready for employment.

Wednesday, Genesee Shiawassee Thumb Michigan Works held a meeting to introduce the “Talent Pipeline Management Method.” It’s spreading across the country to help fill jobs, including right here in Michigan.

Justin Horvath is the President and CEO of Shiawassee Economic Development Partnership. Horvath said,  “The number one need right now from our companies is talent. In trying to attract talent to come here, to try to develop talent, to retain talent at their businesses.”

In order to make that happen, people need to be qualified. That’s where GST Michigan Works comes in. Business Services Manager Ty Krauss said it’s all about the Talent Pipeline Management method.

Krauss said,  “It’s led by employers, they’re the focal point of this whole thing. They come together to form that collaborative and by working together and sharing information they can identify what skill gaps exists.”

This information is then passed along to educators said Krauss.

“There is a talent gap and that talent gap is sometimes caused by that fact that employers and educators aren’t communicating with each other,” Krauss said.

He said using this method bridges this gap.

Greg Klapko works at Baker College.

“We’ve got to get more of the younger generation interested in these high demand jobs,” Klapko said. So, he’s looking forward to collaborating with employers.

Klapko said, “They’re on the front lines, if we can get their information, as far as what they need, then again we can tailor our offerings at the college to what they need.”

The goal is to solve the current problem of filling five million open jobs across the country and thousands of them right here in Michigan.

Horvath said, “That’s the key, is really being able to teach kids, to teach adults the specific skills that these companies need so that when they’re ready to work, they are employable.”

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