Alzheimer’s disease impacts 55 million people worldwide, and a lot of those cases are underreported and do not get diagnosed because people feel like there just isn’t a solution.

Sarah Hoit, chief social impact officer for BioVie, a biotechnology company, said Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia have a profound impact on families across the country.

But she is hopeful, now more than ever, as BioVie is reasearching its own molecule, called NE-3107, that focuses on neural inflammation.

BioVie’s hypothesis is at the root of the biology of neurodegenerative diseases.

“Our early Phase II studies are extremely hopeful, and suggest that our molecule can reduce brain inflammation. And this appears to really improve memory, cognition and function,” Hoit said.

“This still needs to be repeated and confirmed in our Phase III study, but we are extremely hopeful,” she continued.

Hoit says there is not going to be just one solution to Alzheimer’s, but getting people diagnosed, making sure they feel like a diagnosis matters and then having actions to take to address it, will make a difference.