New Poll: Michiganders Split on Issues, Governor, President Rating


LANSING, MICH. (WLNS) – A poll released by EPIC – M.R.A surveyed 600 Michiganders on the direction of where the state is going and how they think the economy is doing. Including how they feel about Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

When asked to review the governor’s work, it was almost divided right down the middle. 49 percent of people approved of her job so far while 50 percent gave a negative rating. Only one percent of people were undecided.

When it comes to how President Joe Biden is doing so far in his presidency, 43 percent approved of the work he’s doing while 55 percent are not in favor of him. Two percent were undecided.

Looking ahead to the gubernatorial election next year, one of the questions for people in the poll was what do you think about republican hopeful James Craig and would they vote for Craig over current Governor Whitmer. The results were extremely tight. 44 percent said they would vote for Craig along compared to 45 percent who would vote for Whitmer. 11 percent were not sure or did not answer.

Turning to Michigan’s economy and employment, respondents replied with 32 percent agreeing it was in good condition while 63 percent disagreed. Five percent of people were not sure.

When asked to reviewing several political leaders, 48 percent of people had a favorable opinion of President Biden with 45 percent responding that they had a negative opinion of him. Seven percent said they were unsure. Whitmer had a 50 percent favorable rating compared to 45 percent unfavorable. Five percent of people did not know.

Michiganders were asked to review the direction of the state. 39 percent of those surveyed said it was going in the right direction compared to 43 percent said it was going the wrong way. 18 percent of people did not know.

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