LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A bi-annual report highlighting data on low-income working families was released this week.

The 2023 ALICE Report compares income and cost of living among low-income Michiganders.

Hassan Hammoud, President and CEO of the Michigan Association of United Way, said the report provides useful information for legislators, philanthropic partners, and the general public.

“I think the average Joe and Jane would find this information useful, whether you’re a teacher or someone that’s interested in better understanding the conditions in your community — this is important for a wide variety of people and interests,” Hammoud said.

Hammoud said the report will show on a county-by-county basis, where the biggest gaps are across the state, and what that means for the present.

“How do we turn that into action, and how do we create programs and awareness and advocacy of what the population in Michigan are going to need,” Hammoud said.

The report includes data from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hammoud said during the pandemic, fewer people were considered an “ALICE household” because of pandemic-related relief aid, like stimulus checks and unemployment insurance.

Now that those services are no longer available, Hammoud said many families are more vulnerable to crises.

“I think what we need to worry about is what happens now. All these public assistance programs are ending — what are we going to do with all those folks that were struggling, that will continue to struggle, who were okay during the pandemic because of all the assistance they were receiving,” Hammoud said.