This fall, a football team in the U.P. will return to the field after a decade-long hiatus. They’ll be hitting the gridiron wearing gear that was worn by some of their heroes.

This comes after the biggest challenge Sam Eggleston had to tackle as head coach was finding enough players to field a team.

With just 45 total students enrolled, Mid-Peninsula High School is the smallest public school in the state of Michigan.

In the spirit of Aaron Rodgers, the team threw up a Hail Mary pass, hoping for a miracle, and it was answered in a very big way by the Green Bay Packers. A generous donation from the Packers will have the kids well equipped for next season, and it also was a huge morale boost for the players.

Rumor has it that some of the cleats they were given also saw some real NFL action.

“They talk about the shoes all the time, the gloves, trying to guess who might have worn them. They’re all just super excited that the packers came out and helped them out,” said Eggleston. “Most of them grew up Packers fans. The vast majority of the team is Packer fans so there has been just a lot of chatter and they’re really proud that they’re wearing that gear that came from Green Bay.”

Because of the effort and dedication of these student-athletes who have worked hard to bring football back to Mid-Peninsula, the roar of the wolverines will be restored to the community next season.

“It’s just really exciting that we’re going to bring it back out here, that the wolverines will be back on the field under the lights on Friday night and just getting that roar back and just the things that made me so proud to be a student here and to be a football player, those are the things we’re going to try to instill and get that back in the hallways.” said Coach Eggleston