No charges for student who posted threat to blow up school


A student who wrote a threat about blowing up a Stockbridge school is not being formally charged, and parents are not happy about it.

One of those parents is Don Lockhart, his daughter goes to Stockbridge high school. He says he got a text from his daughter when the threat was discovered saying “I want to come home.” That’s how he found out about the threat, but when he called the school, they said they have it under control.

The threat was posted by a former student, who hasn’t attended Stockbridge high school since June of last year. It was posted to his Facebook on Thursday, saying that Stockbridge is “fake” and “needs to be blown with everyone in it.” The student has had issues in the past and this wasn’t his first threat.

Stockbridge Police arrested the suspect after the threat was discovered.

“When I found out he was in custody, and he was in the Ingham County Jail, I knew that this young man was in some serious trouble this time,” said Lockhart.

Lockhart says he was quiet upset when he found out that he was released with no charges. Not only for his daughter’s safety, but for the entire school.

“There was a lot of chatter that those kids were scared to go back to school Monday, because they knew that that young man was out, he was walking around out there,” said Lockhart.

Stockbridge Police Department Chief, John Torres, posted to the Stockbridge Police Department Facebook page explaining to the community some of the reasons he wasn’t charged.

“The investigation uncovered claims of persistent bullying by others and I believe this precipitated the alleged criminal activity,” said Torres.

A spokesperson for the Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office also says that they found “no criminal threat in the post.”

Police also say the prosecutor relayed to them, that how the threat was written was not specific enough to meet the requirements to charge him and that he didn’t say he was going to take action. The threat was also not sent to anyone directly, but posted on his personal Facebook story.

Lockhart says everything was going right until it reached the prosecutor and wishes they wouldn’t have made a decision so quickly.

“When we get threats and the schools report it, and the officers actually arrest somebody, and we need the court system to back us up on this,” said Lockhart.

He says he hopes there isn’t a third threat, but this time, there could be no warning.

“Maybe next time this young man, don’t tell us,” said Lockhart.

The Ingham County Prosecutor’s Office spokesperson also added that the prosecutor did speak with the Stockbridge Schools superintendent about the communities concerns but had no further comment.

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