No decision made in court on the future of Ormond Park


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After nearly four hours of back and forth discussion, there is still no decision on the future of Ormond Park and the restraining order still stands.

“I don’t, I can’t, I can’t really fathom the underline policy of making a road like that through this beautiful green space that pretty much defines the culture of our neighborhood,” said a neighbor of Ormond Park.

The controversy surrounding Groesbeck golf course and Ormond Park continued in the courtroom as several community members took the stand.

One of issues presented was the millions of dollars it would cost the city for alternate routes outside of the park.

“I am asking you if you were aware that an entrance to Wood park as explored by the city and would cost the city over 4 million dollars, were you aware of that?” asked Joseph Abood; Deputy City Attorney for the city of Lansing.

“I’m aware that they have said that yes,” a witness at the stand responded.

For Chad Gamble, Chief Operating Manager for the city of Lansing, he understands safety is a core concern for many people in surrounding neighborhoods but insists the new entrance is the best choice for the city.

“What we are looking for here is to be able to balance all the needs of the city, the safety of the residents, the safety of the golfers and try to do something that is also cost effective,” Gamble stated.

However, neighbors including Peter Wood and Merry Stanford feel the environment and where children play is at stake and regardless of the outcome, they say they will continue the fight.

“This road will bisect the park as I heard one of the witnesses say…a collision course for kids and cars,” said Stanford.

“This isn’t just about Ormond Park, this is about the attitude that the mayor’s office can take towards parks in general,” Wood stated.

The main concerns presented today were the preservation of land and what that would mean for the city.

The hearing continues on Monday at 9 a.m. and we’ll be there in the courtroom.

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