LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Still fighting for no-fault reform, a local group held another protest on Tuesday.
They’re upset because they still haven’t seen any changes when it comes to a law that once funded the care for disabled victims injured in auto crashes.

The group We Can’t Wait has been fighting this fight for months now, and Tuesday was just one of the many protests they’ve held just this year alone.

They say while things have not changed when it comes to getting their disabled relatives proper care, they hope demonstrations like these can help make change.

“Eight people died already because of these changes, and they should be looking out for the vulnerable in our community,” said protestor Julie Anderson.

Comprised of all ages, sizes, and all disabilities, more than 50 people crowded the streets and sidewalks in Howell this afternoon.

“Citizens’ insurance has done so much damage to people by denying and delaying payments to both the survivors and the providers who care for them,” said We Can’t Wait Executive Director Peggy Campbell.

Even after the protest was blocked with barriers, people like Julie Anderson who cares for her son Grant didn’t stop. Grant became disabled 15 years ago today on Tuesday.

“We changed our lives, my husband and I gave up our careers in order to care for Grant. And now they’re taking away the security we had,” Julie said.

“I’ve regressed instead of progressed. I haven’t been able to do as much,” Grant said.

Erin McDonough, the Executive Director of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan sent 6 News a statement about the demonstration, saying:

“There are some who wish to turn back the clock and return to an outdated auto no-fault system in Michigan. Yet three years into bipartisan auto no-fault reforms, we see how they are working for millions of Michigan drivers, including creating more than $5 billion in cumulative savings, providing choice, reducing fraud and reining in rampant overcharging by medical providers. Many insurance companies are exceeding the personal injury protection rate cut required by reforms. We need to stay the course and put even more money back in the pockets of Michigan drivers.” 

But one thing is for certain. The group We Can’t Wait says they won’t wait to stop fighting until change is made.

We Can’t Wait’s goal for the November election is to vote for non-partisan candidates.