Nominees for governor spar over Nassar case


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Democratic nominee for Governor Gretchen Whitmer fired back on Friday after a television ad put out by the Michigan Republican Party said she failed to prosecute Larry Nassar back when she was the Ingham County Prosecutor.

“What they’re saying are lies and I need to correct the record but I want to do it in a way that is honorable to the brave women who actually were the heroes in this story,” said Whitmer.

Whitmer along with a group of law enforcement, prosecutors and Nassar survivors came together blasting Schuette and the Michigan Republican Party saying this “sleazy” and “shameful” ad was a ploy for political gain.

“Child sex abuse should not be used for anyone’s political leverage but Bill Schuette and his supporters have attacked me with vicious lies and I’m done taking the abuse,” Whitmer stated.

Schuette responded to Whitmer’s claims in a separate news conference taking credit for the prosecution of Nassar saying the case was referred to the state attorney general’s office by MSU’s own police chief.

“We brought charges, made the decision, she chose not to, I think that was wrong and leadership is about making the right decisions and we did,” said Schuette.

While Nassar is facing life behind bars, the survivors of his abuse say they’re insulted by the Republican Party’s political strategy.

“The fact that not only is his name coming up every single day but his face is now coming up in commercials and that’s not ok,” said Jane Katzer; Nassar Survivor.

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