MICHIGAN– (WLNS) A nonprofit organization is helping thousands of people across the country with their financial issues- including a new way to file bankruptcy.

Upsolve.org offers a free tool to generate basic chapter 7 bankruptcy forms and steps from what to do until your case closes. All something you can do from on your mobile device.

“People can now even do it on their mobile device for a quick and more efficient way,” said Rohan Pavuluri, CEO of Upsolve.

The system is simple and easy- very similar to a Turbo Tax but for bankruptcy. You are asked a series of questions to see if your qualify for a simple bankruptcy. Most users don’t own a lot of assets and are low to moderate-income.

Upsolve believes that just because you don’t understand legal jargon and can’t afford a lawyer to explain it, doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to use the U.S. bankruptcy tool.

“The only way we’re ever goanna have equal rights under the law in America is if we think creatively and design a system around regular people. not around lawyers especially areas of poverty law,” said Pavuluri.

The organization does not encourage filing bankruptcy and says it should be used as a last resort- but if you get to that point, paying lawyer fees shouldn’t be a roadblock.

Since 2019 the organization says its have helped hundreds of Michiganders with financial issues and have relieved over 6 million dollars in debt for low-income families.