LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michiganders should know by Saturday morning if Perry Johnson will be launching a write-in campaign for governor, or making a possible bid to be President of the United States.

It’s one or the other, he tells 6 News Capital Correspondent Tim Skubick.

Johnson and his wife will discuss his options over dinner Friday night.

After being bounced off the ballot due to phony names on nominating petitions, Johnson said a write-in campaign would be an uphill climb and the chances for success weren’t high.

Yet the millionaire’s closest advisors say running as a write-in campaign would cost close to $7 million, not $20 million like had initially been suggested.

“They are trying to sell me on being a write-in, so when they come up with $7 million, it might be $10 or $12 million,” Johnson said. “Is it worth spending that kind of money when the probability of winning is going to be no greater than 40% or 50%?”

Being a write-in candidate would entail more TV commercials, five or six mailings with stickers with his name that voters could place on their ballot, as well as a series of town hall meetings.

The key to all of this is dinner on Friday night at the Johnson house.

“One of the best bottles of wine on the planet I will give her, and see if I can warm her heart,” Johnson said.