Officers hospitalized after inhaling meth fumes at Jackson home


JACKSON, Mich. (WLNS) — Their job is to protect us from dangerous drugs.

But sometimes officers put their own lives in danger to keep them out of our neighborhoods.

A Jackson County man has been arrested for cooking up a dangerous batch of meth that sickened two police officers.

Michigan State Police Detective Lieutenant Derrick White says it all started Sunday morning, when a homeowner returned to his property on State Street.

“When he entered the residence, he discovered four subjects in his basement,” White said.

Police say the man chased four people out and called the police.

When officers arrived things got even more dangerous.

“Upon entering the residence they encountered some strong fumes and smoke emitting from the basement.  They began experiencing some respiratory distress,” White said.

Toxic fumes were coming from a meth lab left behind by the intruders.

Two officers from the Jackson Police Department, who were unaware of the drug’s presence when they entered, went to the hospital where they were treated and released.

Interacting with these drugs is just another part of being a police officer.

So that’s why they prepare for the worst.

White, the team commander of the Jackson Narcotics Enforcement Team, says his officers are trained to wear protective gear and handle chemicals safely.

“With meth, the biggest danger is fire and explosion. They do create an inhalation and exposure hazard to anybody that comes in contact with it,” White said.

First responders also have to step carefully at heroin scenes.

And it’s more than just the possibility of being poked by needles.

“Fentanyl, carfentanil. Even if one granule of this stuff gets on your skin, or inhale it, we can get incredibly sick,” White said.

White says if you encounter anything that appears to be drugs call 911.

“Our officers are trained. We have the proper gear. We’ll come out, we’ll take a look at it,” White said.

A 36-year-old man came back to the house on State Street and was arrested for violating his parole on a previous meth charge.

Police say he had access to the home because he was helping with repairs.

Authorities are still investigating and working on possible charges.

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