EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – What does the slogan ‘Spartan Strong’ mean? For MSU alum Gabe Viscomi it’s centered around one theme.

“To me, it feels like community,” said Owner of Nudge Printing, Gabe Viscomi.

Viscomi says after the tragic shooting on campus this week, he knew he wanted to do something to give back to the spartan community.

“It hits home when something like this happens locally.”

So, he turned to what he knows best and helped design a shirt with a slogan that means so much to so many.

“Everyone wants to contribute, and this is the platform that we have, and we wanted to be able to use it to raise as much money as we can for the Spartan Strong Fund,” said Viscomi.

It’s part of a partnership with the Spartan Spirit Shop. Every dollar spent on the shirt will go directly to the Spartan Strong Fund. A plan created by Michigan State University.

“The university is covering the medical bills for the injured students and their expenses, so this fund will help augment that. It will also help us with student and staff counseling, mental health counseling,” said Vice President for University Advancement, Kim Tobin.

Viscomi and his team say the outpouring has been overwhelming. Already thousands of people have placed orders. He hopes when the shirts arrive, they serve as another way to bring the community together.

“When you’re walking down the street and normally it’s just a complete stranger but when you see something wearing a spartan strong shirt it’s going to be like hey that person and I have a connection.”

The shirts will be printed on Monday and can be purchased online right now. You can purchase one by clicking the link below.

Official Spartan Strong Fundraiser (100% Profit Donation) – Michigan S– Nudge Printing