Officials push for more action on climate change


Senator Gary Peters says he doesn’t just see climate change as a concern. He also sees it as an economic opportunity for the state of Michigan.

“As you move to renewable energy and create renewable energy sources in Michigan from either wind or solar or biomass,” Peters says, “those are gonna create jobs in Michigan not in other places that produce fossil fuels. So I think climate change can be viewed as an economic opportunity for us here in Michigan.”

Peters says he wants to see more money put into fighting climate change, not just in Michigan but all across the country.

“This is a track we’re on, we’ve gotta keep moving forward and we have to bring people together to understand they may have to make some investments today in order to save a whole lot of money tomorrow.”

And as far as where those investments go, Peters says he’s encouraged by the commitment to cleaner energy that companies like Consumers and DTE have already shown through new policies like carbon-cutting bills and using more solar and wind energy.
“I think they’re gonna continue to do that,” Peters said. “The discussions I’ve had with CEO’s of both companies have been very productive. They understand where they need to be, and they’re making every effort to get there. And certainly I encourage them to continue to be aggressive.”

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