LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Michigan Board of Canvassers rejected a ballot petition that would enshrine abortion rights in Michigan, as well as a proposal that would broaden voting rights. The rejections will likely be appealed and head to the Supreme Court.

Now, lawmakers, officials and activists are reacting to the ruling.

“I look forward to the Michigan Supreme Court taking up this case as quickly as possible. The 730,000-plus Michiganders who added their signatures to this ballot proposal deserve to be heard. The people—not the government, and not politicians—should get to decide whether we enshrine the Roe standard into our constitution or accept the 1931 ban on all abortions, with no exceptions. I hope the Supreme Court makes that clear.”

Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin

“It is extremely disappointing to see Republicans continue to politicize the State Board of Canvassers and thwart the will of Michigan voters. Voting against these petitions, which collected historic numbers of valid signatures from hundreds of thousands of Michiganders across the state, is a clear indication of the lengths Republicans are willing to go to attack women’s right to choose and voting rights. This decision also came during yet another week without legislative session in Lansing. House Democrats have a bill to repeal Michigan’s extreme 1931 abortion ban, yet Republicans have refused to take it up, or even call session on any number of urgent issues facing Michigan families. Republicans in Lansing are proving themselves too extreme to represent the will of Michigan voters, and too focused on campaigning to even do their jobs.”

State House Democratic Leader Donna Lasinksi

“Republicans are terrified because they know their efforts to rip away voting and abortion rights from the people of Michigan has generated a surge of energy and enthusiasm for these proposals. What we saw today was a clear attempt to silence voters by trying to stall these popular proposals and keep them off the November ballot. We’re glad to see the campaigns have already planned to appeal to the Michigan Supreme Court and we hope the court will take those cases up quickly and move these proposals to the ballot where the people of Michigan want them. From unconstitutional adopt and amend strategies to attempts to not certify the 2020 election, Republicans have shown there is no length they will not go to in order to silence voters.”

Executive Director of Progress Michigan Lonnie Scott

“Promote the vote is a dangerous proposition as it would open the door for fraud to be rampant in our elections. Protecting the integrity of our elections is paramount and this initiative wouldn’t require voter ID to be present at the moment of voter registration and gives Democrats an unfair advantage by putting ballot drop boxes in heavily Democrat areas. This isn’t a non-partisan initiative, it blatantly benefits the Democrat Party which is desperately trying to remain in power.”

Gustavo Portela, MIGOP Deputy Chief of Staff & Communications Director. “

“This extreme initiative simply doesn’t belong on the ballot. Riddled with mistakes and errors, the initiative would repeal dozens of state laws including late term abortion bans in place. Michiganders were fooled into signing this abortion on demand initiative that would take away parental consent for abortion, screening for women being coerced to have an abortion, and health and safety requirements for facilities performing abortions. This initiative is too extreme for Michigan and must be defeated.”

 Elizabeth Giannone, MIGOP Deputy Communications Director.

“Michiganders of all stripes were disappointed today by the Republican members of the State Board of Canvassers who claimed a form objection to mask what was truly a content objection to the ‘Reproductive Freedom for All’ petition.  They have thwarted the will of over 700,000 Michigan electors that signed the petition, with no illusion or confusion as to what they were signing.

Michigan Democratic Party