OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) — High Caliber Karting and Entertainment has every fun activity you can think of.

Now, adding to the fun are their new “Handicapable” go karts. It was owner, Jordan Munsters, idea after he couldn’t walk from a severe injury.

“They tried putting my hip back in the socket three or four times and they found that the socket was shattered. So it had exploded open. 12 hours of surgery later the prognosis was you’ll likely never walk again,” Jordan said.

He was in a dirt bike accident.

“I go half around the track. I’m doing about 40 miles per hour pinned, and I remember feeling the suspension completely compress and I woke up on my side. And I’m like, what just happened? I went to go move and I’m like something’s not right,” Jordan said.

Jordan was in a wheelchair with no idea if he’d ever be able to walk again.

After hours of surgeries and months of physical therapy, Jordan was able to get back on his feet.

“This morning was 2 miles in 14 minutes and 15 seconds. So to go from you’ll probably never walk again, waking up out of surgery for the 6th time, to being able to run again,” Jordan said.

But during his time in a wheelchair, Jordan and his team started thinking about ways to make High Caliber more accessible.

After a year of testing, the team created a “Handicapable” go kart.

“We have a cart that allows anybody that you know paralyzed even chest down you can go and race a go kart,” Jordan said.

The go kart replaces gas and brake pedals with hand controls. The breaks are on the left side of the hand control, and the gas is on the right.

“We bought a hoist system. We got a full medical grade system that literally picks them right up out of their chair, wheel the cart in, drop them in, they’re set. They’re good to go,” Jordan said.

Jordan said this is just the start of creating more inclusive spaces at High Caliber.

“Include the people within our community across the board, because we’re not just here for me. We’re here for everyone,” Jordan said.

Spaces that include fun for all, because for Jordan, he said that’s why he started this business in the first place.

“I love watching people just have fun smiling and then hearing their comments of this was so fun. Yes, that’s what we’re here for!” Jordan said.

Jordan said he’s excited for the future of the entertainment venue. They’re looking to expand to a second location in Michigan, and just started live music on Fridays.