Okemos intersection causing frustration for authorities


Many places across Meridian Township are still a watery mess, but the biggest trouble spot has been at the intersection of Grand River and Okemos for not only motorists, but for businesses and law enforcement as well.

Numerous drivers attempted to drive their vehicles through the high flood water there, which means motorists were ignoring road closure signs and it’s frustrating authorities.

“Right now our biggest concern is the safety of motorists,” says assistant chief of Meridian Township Police Ken Plaga. “People are ignoring the barricades that the roads are closed and they are going through the deep water around here.”

Many cars got stuck and had to be towed away. For people like Moussa Kaba, whose was forced to walk to get around, it was a freaky Friday.

“I had to park my car and hop out and walk a block just so I could go to my appointment so I wouldn’t be late.”

As for businesses along this water mess, they’re open, just not very active.

“You can’t foresee something like this,” says GM of Leo’s Spirits & Grub Matt Farkas. “The best thing you can do is try to hang in there and work with the staff you can work with.”

The flood waters aren’t just at this busy intersection, they are most everywhere in Meridian Township. High water has closed many roads and caused some homeowners to leave their property for safety. Because all this water has yet to recede, authorities say there’s no real guess to how bad the damage is, especially since they’re still receiving reports of flooded properties.

“It’s a waiting game,” Plaga says. “When the water goes down we will then be able to get a feel of what’s happened, what kind of damage we’re looking at, get people back in their homes and businesses back at full capacity.”

Meridian Township officials say they expect the intersection of Grand River and Okemos to stay closed through the weekend.

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