OKEMOS, Mich. (WLNS) – Thursday was the first day back for students and staff at Okemos High School since a fake report of an active shooter in the building on Tuesday.

It was one of eight across the state.

Thursday’s welcome back went into the night as administrators made three girls’ basketball games free.

For many parents, it was the first time they came back to the school after searching for their kids at a reunion point the administrators set up at a nearby church after the lockdown.

Susanna Joy remembers anxiously waiting for her sophomore with another Okemos mom, both of their kids have been friends for years.

“She said it was so good to see for the second time under much better circumstances and so that is what I think we are all feeling today,” said Joy.

Joy was one of more than a hundred members of the Okemos Wolves community coming through the doors for a night of free high school girls’ basketball.

Administrators moved to make admissions free to jump back into a regular routine and bring families back to campus for something positive.

Principal Dan Kemsley said he’s grateful for the support from the public.

“It has really been a terrible thing but also we have to keep in mind it was a hoax and the outpouring of support of our teachers and students has been magnificent,” he said.

As the stands filled with people, so did the line in front of Shove It Pizza, a local food truck.

One of the owners said the district’s athletic director made a last-minute request to have them outside of the game, an order they were happy to fill.

Cheers also overflowed in the gym at the varsity game for a few of the first responders who raced to the school after the threat Tuesday morning.

For Joy, the night was needed.

“It’s just wonderful to see a bunch of happy, whole and safe kids and I’m happy to be here to see it.”

Principal Kemsley said he hopes the next week brings the school back to its regular routine.

He wanted to make sure every student had the opportunity to get the support they needed and he’s thankful for the performance of his staff on Tuesday.