Old Town business owner deals with flooded basement


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The water in the Grand River continued to rise on Wednesday and for a local business owner in Lansing’s Old Town, the water created quite a disaster…in his basement.

“As you can see its going up about 2 inches per hour of water coming through door,” said Lauren Ciesa; Owner of Ciesa Designs.

Early Wednesday morning, Ciesa came down to find his basement flooded with water and it hasn’t stopped seeping in since.

“The water is being held back right now by a door, we’re expecting two to three more feet of water yet today,” Ciesa stated.

Ciesa says in the past ten years, his business has experienced 3 or 4 minor floods but this is by far the worst he’s seen.

“The water will be up to here by the time this is over with water,” said Ciesa.

Ciesa says when the flooding started everything was stripped out of the basement.

“So far we have taken the precautions of moving our servers out of the building so if we end up losing heat, and power and sewage than this way we can work off site,” Ciesa stated.

But for now, Ciesa says it’s all a waiting game.

“We’re about ready to lose our heat and we have one heater, one furnace upstairs but it can’t supply the heat for everything so we’ll probably be slowly shutting down today,” Ciesa stated.

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