LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A motor tradition is making a pit stop in mid-Michigan – – in its yearly 13-city, 6-day tour.

Downtown Dewitt will be a stop on the historic old U.S. 27 Motor tour. Officials said the theme of the annual event is to “re-live the good old days of scenic summer vacation trips up north in the family cruiser.”

Classic cars in the tour will be on display at each tour stop — such as Harold Chamber’s 1939 Buick.

“Basically, we just park and drive and meet old friends,” Chamber said. Adding it’s one of the highlights of the year.

There will be roughly 400 cars driving on u.S 27 today; but only one Dolly Parton.

Car enthusiast Marlene Hammond said her cut out of Dolly Parton is a passenger in her old school car. “She helps people everywhere and just the joy of being in my car she’s just really made people happy,” Hammond said.

The tour stretches from Coldwater, Michigan, and takes detours from city to city.

Hammond said one of her favorite things about the tour is seeing parts of Michigan she wouldn’t normally go to. “And look at beautiful Michigan the countryside you would have never intentionally gone to unless you had a reason,” Hammond said.

For more information about the Old Historic U.S. 27 Motor Tour, and the schedule and location of events you can visit