EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The State of Michigan is partnering with Olivet College to offer free tuition to students in Michigan.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited JW Sexton High School in Lansing to make the announcement.

Qualifying students could save around $30,000 a year thanks to what’s called the “Advantage Scholarship.”

“More than 80% of the incoming Olivet class will be supported by the advantage scholarship and 100% of them will receive some sort of financial aid,” said Whitmer.

Students like Mollie Matthews will be going to Olivet in the fall of next year, and can now stop worrying about money.

“It’s so much stress relief. Like it makes even school easier because I’m actually able to think about school. I’m not worried about well if I do this am I going to be able to get this or what is the smartest plan for me? I’m just worried about whether can I get a good grade on this assignment,” said Matthews.

For mother of five Javeeta Kyle, her children to be able to live debt free out of college is huge.

“They don’t have to worry about when I get a job out of college and really get into adulthood to buy that first home or to buy a car that I have this other 40, 50, 60 thousand debt on the side,” said Kyle.

To qualify, graduates will need to apply for and get the Michigan Achievement Scholarship.

For most students whose parents make less than $100,000 a year they can get their tuition covered at Olivet College.

For those who don’t qualify:

“Students who received the Michigan Achievement Scholarship with family income over $100,000 dollars will be guaranteed at least $20,000 a year in Olivet College scholarship to apply against tuition,” said Olivet President Steven Corey.

One of governor Whitmer’s goals in office has been making college more affordable for people. She wishes every college would follow Olivet’s lead.

Matthews agrees.

“Everyone should get free college. It’s not fair that some people who are millionaires get to be the smartest because they can pay for college. But people who are just as capable and you know their lives matter just as much as anybody else so they should get free college too,” said Matthews.

The Advantage Scholarship will be available to students state-wide starting fall of 2023.