LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – When a Lansing house caught fire, Shnicka McKissic said everyone was trying to make emergency calls and try to help.

“When I came out of the front I saw the mailman doubling-back to go into the house,” she said. “And the mailman was trying to go in and he just couldn’t.”

The mailman’s attempt was made during a house fire in Lansing this morning, leaving one child dead.

The fire was on the 200 block of East Cavanaugh Rd.

Officials told 6 News that the fire started at the back of the house. They say the mother and kids were sent to a local hospital to be treated.

Two children, a four-year-old and a five-year-old, are expected to survive. However, a one-year-old baby died from the fire.

Another neighbor, David Healy, heard fire trucks pulling in and decided to check outside.

“I didn’t ever see any flames, or anything come out, but that doesn’t mean much,” he said.

And with the small size of the house, Healy said it’s a miracle the fire didn’t overtake it completely.

“I think it’s lucky it didn’t just burn right straight down,” Healy said. “It’s an older house.”

It was actually his previous house until the late 1990’s.

“Yep. That was the first place I lived at once I got out of the service,” he said. “When I lived in it, I had to redo some remodeling on it, it had really old lumber in it and all that.”

And he said he’s hoping the mother and her family find a way to recover somehow.

“I hope she makes it through it okay, I hope her kids are okay too,” he said.