Ongoing water and air conditioning issues spark resident rage


LAINGSBURG, Mich (WLNS)– The July heat is packing an extra punch on the people living at the Moon Lake Mobile Home Community who say they’ve been having ongoing issues with their water and air conditioning.

Kary Cosgrove says he moved in to the park around February with no heat or air conditioning. He was told by the middle of March he would have an A/C unit… now it’s July.

“It was just installed over the past weekend, on the side of our house, sitting there, and now they have to pull permits, because apparently there has been no permit pulled for it,” said Cosgrove.

Cosgrove added that the maintenance people who installed his unit, on Sunday, entered his home when no one was there and without his permission.

Jake Hengstebeck also lives in the community and says he’s had issues with his unit as well and that it was just installed last week.

“Nobody has been back to the house to finish the installation, it’s just there for looks,” said Hengstebeck.

With the upcoming July and August heat waves, it has people irritated.

“We’ve got an eight month old baby sitting in a 80 to 90 degree trailer,” said Cosgrove, “we barely make it as it is, we do alright for our kids, we’ve got disabled kids, we’ve got the baby, just why do we not have A/C?”

It wasn’t even 48 hours ago that the entire community faced another issue.

“Yesterday the water apparently was not paid by the owners of the park, and we went approximately nine hours as a community with no water,” said Cosgrove.

With temperatures in the 80s, families say it was hard to keep cool.

“Sitting in the hot heat, no one can fill pools up, you know no one can rinse off in cold water, I mean it’s awful,” said Moon Lake Mobile Home Community Resident, Emily Psujek.

Psujek added that she was home when the water turned off yesterday and couldn’t even give her kids a bath.

After the water was shut off, Psujek says she went to the management office but no one was working.

“No one was even in the office, no one was answering phones, you know it was kind of just like, running from the issue,” said Psujek, “that’s what they seem to do here, just run from the issues and just kind of want everyone to just deal with it.”

Psujek added that she just doesn’t understand why none of these issues are being resolved.

“We were always paying rent, so it’s not like we were neglecting them to not pay rent, they just neglecting us to fixing anything,” said Psujek.

6 News reached out the mobile home community manager who said she couldn’t answer any of our questions. We also reached out to the President of the company that owns the park, who has not called back.

“I like to see them get some guys in here and you know hold up to their end of the bargain and get this stuff done and taken care of,” said Jack Hengstebeck.

6 News also confirmed that the Operating License for the mobile home park has expired.

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