Onondaga Dragway fights to stay open


ONONDAGA, Mich. (WLNS) – A popular mid-Michigan dragway faces legal battles and has to raise tens of thousands of dollars by the end of the week to stay open.

The Onondaga Dragway is more than just a racetrack to the community, they say it’s a place where memories are made and people come together, but now they’re continuing the fight to keep it alive.

“This drag strip is a lighthouse for our community and we can’t have it shut down,” said Marcie Seavolt, who’s fighting to keep the Onondaga Dragway open.

After facing several legal battles for the past six years and opening and closing several times, the Onondaga Dragway was ready to re-open this season.

“We’ve been out here since the very beginning, mowing the weeds out of the track, moving the horses back, changing the fence, putting the guardrail up,” said Steve Seavolt, who’s also fighting to keep the dragway open.

But now the dragway faces closure again. Due to court deadlines and legal fees, the raceway needs $100,000 within the next week. 

It’s all part of the latest lawsuit filed by a man who lives nearby, who says the track is too loud for the area.

However, Marcie Seavolt, Josh Ousley, and Steve Starnes are just three of hundreds of people fighting to keep it open.

“It’s an important part of history, it’s important to the community, it’s important to the youth,” said Ousley.

Barbara Fogg lives down the street from the track.

“It’s not a nuiscance; it’s just not true,” said Fogg.

She says closing it down would do more harm than keeping it open and she hopes the courts realize that, too.

“This is a staple in our community,” said Fogg. “My little ten year old daughter has been singing the national anthem here since she was six years old. My nieces come here to sing the national anthem, my parents come here, my extended family comes here, this whole community loves this place and it’s just a shame that a few people can have that much control.”

They say they plan to continue fighting until people can race on the track once again. 

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