For a new weekly segment, Mental Health Monday, 6 News is shining a light on the organization Mental Health America.

Mental Health America has created several resources for people who speak Spanish and need help getting mental health treatment.

MHA materials cover a lot of needs and situations. The organization says Black, Indigenous and People of Color, BIPOC, can face a disproportionate amount of trauma and displacement, so it has released a tool kit available in Spanish on its website.

The toolkit also has other helpful aids for adults and children, including fact sheets, work sheets, shareable images and more. They can be used to lead community discussions and assist individuals in finding the help they need.

Another MHA resource is the section called Selfies, Socials and Screens. It’s part of MHA’s Back to School section for 2023, a guide for understanding how online activity affects children’s mental health.

MHA has an online hub in Spanish for all of these resources and more. Visit its website at