Outdoor jobs continue to face the heat


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) Construction workers and roofers are among those with a hard day’s work when extreme heat hits.

While some indoor jobs may have air conditioning to keep employees comfortable, those who work outside all day have to take staying cool into their own hands.

Roofers from Hankins Homescapes in Lansing say the most important thing to do is to drink lots of water and take breaks throughout the day.

They say a normal day for them is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. being outside nonstop.

Their work is sometimes weather permitting. They say if it’s way too hot or raining, they’ll cut the day short and go home.

But this means they have to work extra days and finish jobs during the weekend.

Some other things they do to stay cool include keeping cold rags around their necks and finding a shady spot in the area.

“Safety is always a caution. I mean it’s dangerous without a doubt. You just got to drink a lot of water so you don’t overheat,” said Bill Rogers, a roofer for Hankins Homescapes.

“It’s too hot, you know, I understand Bill is going to call me and say we’re heading out, I respect that. It’s his decision ultimately. I’m not going to push my guys in heat that is going to be unsafe for them physically,” said Roger Hankins, President of Hankins Homescapes.

Hankins did say he works to schedule jobs based on the weather.

So if he knows a day going to be hotter than usual, he’ll try to pick a house or business with shade to work on.

Hankins says even though this isn’t always possible based on the jobs they have, he tries to make sure his employees are as comfortable as possible.

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