Over-abundance of cats & dogs at Ingham County Animal Shelter


MASON, Mich. (WLNS) – This time of year can stress the limits and space for local animal shelters. In fact, right now the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter has an over-abundance of cats and dogs who need a good home.

“Summer is usually the busiest time and the time that we struggle the most,” said Volunteer Coordinator at Ingham County Animal Control Ashley Shaffier.

“It’s no surprise but it always is a challenge that we need to deal with,” Ingham County Animal Control Director John Dinon stated.

On an average day, the Ingham County Animal Shelter takes in dozens of cats and dogs but this week that number shot up.

“This week our highest was 25, we’ve had days where we’ve taken in up to 45 animals in a day,” said Shaffier.

“We have capacity in the shelter for about 100 dogs and 100 cats and we’re very near that right now,” Dinon stressed.

He says it’s not uncommon for this to happen and as a matter of fact the warm weather is one of the factors.

“The outdoor cats kind of breed, well they become seasonal breeders sort of like wildlife and the breeding goes up when the weather is nice,” Dinon said.

For dogs, it depends on their owners.

“People go on more vacations in the summer, they change residences in the summer and when they can’t take their pets with them or find appropriate sitters, a lot of times they surrender them,” Dinon said.

To help with the problem, the shelter is offering reduced adoption fees.

“You can come in and get an adult cat that’s spayed and neutered, vaccinated, had its health tests and is micro-chipped for free,” Dinon mentioned.

And for dogs and kittens, people can adopt them for half the price.

“When you can’t turn them away and you’re running out of space, you got to find ways to get them out of the shelter safely,” Shaffier said.

The shelter will transfer animals if they take in too many but unfortunately summer is a busy time of year for every shelter and Ingham County has to make do.

“When we get full we’ll reduce the adoption fees, we’ll transfer animals out, we’ll do whatever we can to find good outcomes for these animals,” Dinon stated.

It’s important to know that the Ingham County Animal Shelter has not had to put any dog or cat down in more than three years and they would like to continue that goal so, if you’re looking to adopt, they say please stop by.

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