OWOSSO, Mich. (WLNS)– For many bride and grooms, postponing their spring and summer weddings is a nightmare that’s become a reality.

One Owosso couple, Avery Smith and Douglas Potter, knows the feeling all too well.

“I had been waiting to long to marry this man and it had been taken away from me,” said Avery.

The couple was set to get married on April 18th, 2020.

Now, their new wedding date is November 21st, 2020.

“Now i just get to sit pretty much ready and wait for 8 months, so it’s been a struggle,” said Avery.

The couple was left with a headache of having to replan.

“Trying to get the venue for the reception lined up, with the venue for the actual ceremony, it was a struggle because they’re only open these two days and this venue doesn’t do this thing,” said Douglas.

The couples wedding photographer, Summer Stevens, had an idea on how to bring some happiness out of the situation.

“I offered to do a photo shoot for her so they could have these invitations to send out that could be kind of funny and maybe bring some light into the darkness that’s going on,” said Summer.

She reached out to Avery and asked if they wanted to a Covid-19 themed photo shoot.

“she ended up calling back and saying that she had you know, Lysol, and wipes and antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer and a huge roll of toilet paper,” said Summer.

The three got together at the couple’s house and did the shoot.

Avery and Douglas photo shoot picture
Avery and Douglas photo shoot
Avery and Douglas photo shoot

“It was a great time,” said Douglas. “We had so much fun, the whole neighborhood watched us do it, it was funny,” said Avery.

Even though Avery and Douglas won’t wed next week, they say at least they have some new pictures for their next save the date invitation.