OXFORD, Mich. (WLNS) — Oxford High School released an independent report this week that assessed its safety policies, nearly a year and a half after a mass shooting at the school killed four of its students.

Today, a group looking to keep the students safe met with media to discuss the problems they found in the report.

One of the proposals in the nearly 180-page report says that Oxford needs to add more resource officers for students and evaluate their searching policy.

The group Change for Oxford says the one thing that’s missing is transparency.

“The school isn’t communicating with us in a way that we truly know our children are safe,” said Lori Bourgeau, member of Change for Oxford. 

The group claims the district has not kept parents informed of these changes. It says that first of all, the report should include all of the schools in the district, instead of just one.

“I see the report is all about the high school, yet in the news we keep hearing about elementary students, even in Michigan, coming to school with loaded guns…there are concerns in every one of our buildings,” said Bourgeau.

The group said it was concerned to see the lack of communication among the security teams.

“The high school has its own separate threat assessment team from the middle school, and those two teams don’t communicate with each other, which would be an area I would definitely like to see improvement on,” said Andrea Jones, member of Change for Oxford. 

The group says it has noticed changes for the better, like armed private security guards at all buildings and a weapon detection system.

But it claims that the school does not follow the policies it has put in place.

Jones said that, out of the 44 students assessed as being a suicide risk, only two were asked whether they had access to weapons at home.

“[It] was very discouraging,” Jones said.

In the future, the group members say they would like the school to include parents in all decisions, and to increase mental health resources.

They say it’s time for students to once again worry only about class work.

“[The goal is] to answer to them and make them safe and heard and give them a chance to start learning again,” said Bourgeau.

Change for Oxford is not alone in wanting transparency.

Seventeen other people have filed an injunctive relief in the court system.

Instead of money, they’re asking for information regarding safety procedures in place during and after the shooting.