OXFORD, Mich. (WLNS) – The horrific images coming from Texas Tuesday night are all too familiar for the people in one Michigan town.

Uvalde, Texas joined a heartbreaking list of communities shattered by gun violence in schools. The people in Oxford said their hearts go out to them – but enough is enough.

“It was shocking obviously. It happened here, you don’t think it would happen to your own house but it does. So you know, I think we’re all just moving past it now, the initial shock of it. And we all just want the answers to why it happened,” said Oxford resident Amber Bertrand.

The pain left behind from the fatal shooting at Oxford High School is still fresh and visible around the historic district with signs reading “Pray for Oxford” or “Oxford Strong” nearly on every shop window.

Bertrand has lived in Oxford her whole life and is now raising a family. She said it’s frustrating and heartbreaking to hear the news of a mass shooting in a Texas elementary school.

“You take your kids to school like are you going to pick them up at the end of the day? Like look, it happened at an elementary school, an adult got in. So how did they get into the school? Our school is always in lockdown in a way. You can’t just walk in. So why isn’t that everywhere?” she said.

Back in November 2021, Oxford witnessed a horrific mass shooting that left four students dead and seven others injured.

Joshua Legg said one of his uncles teaches at the high school. Even though he didn’t graduate from the school, his connection to the community runs deep. And connection, he said is something we all need.

“I mean day one is always tough, you know it always brings you back to the community. Being with the ones you love the most and coming together as a community to try and move forward. It’s an awful thing what happened but all you can do is move on day to day and keep remembering them,” said Legg.