Paczki: Fat Tuesday Treat From Dough To Delight


(WLNS) – Today is Fat Tuesday and for many people that means a chance to gobble up paczkis, the traditional Polish pastry treat.

6 News reporter Mariah Harrison was more than willing to help create the doughy delights at Roma Bakery in Lansing. The bakers at Roma have been creating hundreds of dozens of the treats in anticipation of today’s customer crush.

Fat Tuesday is always the day before the Christian tradition of Lent — a 40-day and 40-night period of fasting or giving up something, often sweets — and it’s a chance for one last binge. The paczki tradition is rooted in Poland and was a last chance for cooks to use up rich or fatty food before the Lenten season began. Fat Tuesday is really the finish line and the eating generally began days before.

The traditional recipe is filled with lard, grease, meats and fruit fillings. Paczkis with just about any filling you might have a taste for can usually be found.

Enjoy your paczki and the estimated 1,200 calories in each tasty treat.

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