Painting through the pain: Williamston woman battling breast cancer finds comfort through art


WILLIAMSTON, Mich. (WLNS) – Cindy Evans was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of this year and since then she’s gone through chemotherapy. But instead of allowing the disease to crush her spirits, she’s pouring her heart and soul into something more…creative.

“As a watercolor artist, for me often times my experiences in life find their way out in to my paintings,” said Evans.

When Evans was diagnosed with breast cancer, she turned to artwork to help her cope.

“It made sense to me to plan some projects so that I would get up and keep moving while going through chemotherapy even though I didn’t feel real well,” Evans stated.

Evans says she’s finding hope through paint by documenting her journey battling breast cancer one brush stroke at a time.

“When you’re painting you’re using a different part of your brain and so the creative part takes over so when you have pain or anxiety or worry, it becomes less important so you get some relief from that while you’re painting,” Evans added.

She says this form of art is the most unique way to visually tell her story and each of her three paintings showcases different stages of the process.

“This is phase one where it’s called the storm and for me, receiving the diagnosis of cancer I just, I was in shock and I just wanted to hide away and absorb the news but what I realized is everything starts spinning around you,” said Evans.

For Evans, while this is a creative outlet to express herself, she also hopes it inspires others like her who are fighting a disease.

“When you can show them that you can be expressive like this and be strong and use it to your advantage, it really helps others feel encouraged I think to do the same” Evans stated.

Evans says she just completed her final round of chemotherapy and is scheduled to have a mastectomy next month.

If you’d like to learn more about her paintings, we’ve posted a link under “Seen on 6.”

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