Parenting Connection: How to comfort your kids during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Today’s topic: How to comfort your kids during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Obviously by now, your kids have heard about and are currently experiencing change due to Covid-19. With schools closed and outings now limited, child experts say, it’s impossible they’re unaware, but you may be surprised at how they are interpreting this pandemic, if they even know what a pandemic is, and if they’re hearing misinformation.

First things first — find out what your child already knows. Ask questions geared to their age level to learn how much they know and if they’re hearing the wrong information. Next, make sure they’re aware of the truth, while at the same time, make them feel safe. Reassure them about how your family is taking precautions and why certain decisions directly affecting them are being made. Help them feel in control. This includes reinforcing good hand washing routines, talking about what hospitals and authorities are doing, and providing updates from credible sources. Finally, keep the conversation going. Child experts say, make sure these conversations continue until it’s over, otherwise fears or misinformation came creep right back.

Let’s now talk about play dates. Several child experts and health officials have many answers on if they’re a good idea or not. Ultimately, it will largely depend on your comfort level and situation. The recommendations from health experts on play dates are if you do decide to have one, keep them small with maybe just one or two extra kids at a time. In addition, parents need to only say yes if all parties involved are free from any sickness.

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