Parenting Connection: How to give memories this holiday season

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Most presents during the month of December involve unwrapping a physical item, but child experts say, most toys, gidgets, and gadgets provide just short term satisfaction and are easily forgotten — whereas if that physical item included tickets to an event, museum, or movie — you can actually provide a lasting memory

Child development experts say, research shows sharing positive experiences goes a long way to building strong relationships. This is why offering these memories is an amazing way to help extended family and friends not only have an easier time to choose a gift, but provide a perfect way to for them to spend some quality time together with your kids.

“Instead of one more toy they are not going to use,” says MSU Child Development expert Kendra Moyses, “maybe its a chance to go to the movie or to the zoo and have that bonding time with someone, even if it’s not their direct parent. As an aunt, I do this alot, instead of a thing, we’re going to go do this instead because it then gives me quality time with my nieces and nephews and at the same time gives them an experience instead of something they just going to throw aside.”

Here are some ideas from the Michigan State University extension to help build experiences and create memories:

*Movie Tickets

*Bowling or Skating outing

*A trip to a zoo or museum

*Board games for a game night

*A lunch date

Those a just a few ways to create an experience this holiday season so that when the toys become forgotten the memory doesn’t.

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