Parenting Connection: How to teach “STEAM” topics over the summer your kids will enjoy

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Today’s topic: How to teach STEAM topics over the summer your kids will enjoy.

Many child development experts from Michigan State University say the biggest concern they heard from parents since Covid-19 shut down in-person instruction is the likely achievement gap their kids may suffer from. Now that we’re all officially within summer break, the task of teaching anything will be extra challenging if not impossible. That’s why experts with the MSU extension came up with some simple ways to incorporate STEAM topics, into fun and family activities. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

First, take a moment and consider the types of things your family already enjoys doing together. Then consider how those activities might be converted into a science, technology, engineering, or math project. Some common recommendations your family can use to turn activities into educational projects include:

*A science scavenger hunt, that’ll include having your kids collect things from the backyard like rocks, leaves or bugs and then have look them up and identify each item.
*Household repairs can go a long way for technology. Experts say, look around the house for something that needs to be repaired and engage your kids to help.
*Build something together that involves some engineering, using your natural surroundings, Popsicle sticks or Lego’s.
*Get artsy by performing skits, write poems (serious or silly) and sing songs.
*Bake, but this time put your kids in charge of all mathematical measurements, use a recipe full of them, and either half or double the recipe to get them thinking.

It’ll be up to the parent to incite interest in these activities and find new ways to involve STEAM topics, but as mentioned before — you know your kids the best and so incorporating a little education into your family’s day is not only possible, it’s recommended.

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