Parenting Connection: Making resolutions a family affair

Parenting Connection

Today’s topic: successful new years resolutions for mom, dad, and the entire family.

It’s New Year’s Eve, it’ll be the year 2020 tomorrow, a significant time in history, and one you as parents can hopefully say in the future, that was the year I became a better parent.

Child experts say, the best way to not only teach your children about new year’s resolutions, but sticking to them as well, is by making it a family affair.

For example, come together and talk about what needs improvement and start making “family resolutions”.

A few suggestions include:

Get unplugged from technology. Find times and places this resolution goes into effect for 2020.

Eat healthier

Start a weekly ritual – like a game night

 Be good to others

And perfect an emergency plan in case of a dangerous situation, like a house fire

Help your children make a resolution on their own.

For preschool-aged children, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends resolutions that focus on cleaning up toys, brushing teeth, and washing hands..

When the child is between 5 and 12 — AAP officials suggest resolutions like drinking more water, wearing a seat belt, and being friendly to all children.

Resolutions for teenagers should include taking better care of their bodies, dealing with stress in a healthier way, and resisting drugs and alcohol.

Parental resolutions can include:

Finding a time of day you can give your child undivided attention.

Don’t drive under the influence of your phone.

Yell less.

And don’t compare yourself to other parents child experts say, a timely event like new years day can help motivate change, and it’ll likely stick if everyone in the family is involved.

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