Parenting Connection: Managing Fears During Halloween

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Today’s topic: Managing fears during Halloween

It’s this Thursday and by now costumes and candy are probably the only things your kids are talking about. For parents of young kids, there’s a delicate mix of trying to make sure your kids are having fun, but not getting frightened in the process.

Child experts recommend extra awareness from mom, dad, and caregivers all week — watching out for your child’s reaction to potentially scary images or situations. These are moments you can help them manage fear and a great way for kids to develop important emotional regulation skills that’ll prove to help them as they grow older.

Here are a few easy ways to help kids while ghosts and goblins rule the week:
*Teach them about what Halloween is about
*Talk with your kids about all the expected scary things they may see at school, on tv, or anywhere they go
*Remind your children those sights, including decorations and costumes, are not real and only imaginary
*Discuss with them about what’s real and what’s pretend

Child experts say, allowing your child to understand fear and manage it are important developmental steps… and Halloween is maybe the best time for this sort of learning.

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