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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s Parenting Connection Tuesday and 6 News is here for you with tips, strategies, and helpful reminders from local child development experts on how we can be better parents and guardians.

Today’s topic: Strategies for a Successful Summer Break

School is ending for the vast majority of area students… and with a major change to a child’s daily routine and structure, it can pose a problem without a few good strategies in place. For example, properly managing the extra downtime that’s ahead.

Child development experts at the Michigan State University Extension say the first thing you need to do is set aside time for a family meeting in order to plan for a successful summer. This is suppose to be a fun couple of months, right, especially with the pandemic winding down — but it can be challenging if a family doesn’t talk about a summer routine that should include what your children want and need.

So, let’s show you a few good summer strategies:

*Establish rules and guidelines together. This should include daily expectations, screen time allowances, and do’s and don’ts.

*Maintain a routine, including bedtime. Child experts say, knowing what comes next is a safe and predictable feeling for children. Sure, staying up late on certain nights is OK, but stick with a reasonable bedtime to make sure your child is getting adequate sleep every night.

*Stay busy, but not too busy. Overloading your kids with activities can backfire. Don’t forget to let your child have time to just play at home.

*Keep learning alive. You should continue to read with them, take nature walks, and plan activities that keep their brain churning.

…and you’ve heard this a million times — and so let’s add one more.
One of the biggest keys for a successful summer — limit technology.

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