Parenting Connection: Tacking Tik Tok bad behavior

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LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – It’s Parenting Connection Tuesday and 6 News is here for you with tips, strategies, and helpful reminders from local child development experts on how we can be better parents and guardians.

Today’s topic: Tacking TikTok bad behavior.

Most teenagers want attention — and young social media users get this fix through posting content on their platforms to get likes and comments. Unfortunately, the selfie at the game with friends may not do the trick anymore — and so here come apps like TikTok, allowing kids to create and post their own video content. It’s fun but isn’t very regulated — with a lot of videos easily available to watch that are full of profanity, suggestive clothing and dancing, and lately, destruction or violence in the form of challenges. In fact, kids have set monthly challenges, like in September to damage school bathrooms, get it on video and upload it to TikTok. Experts say one of the best things a parent can do to avoid such behavior, is to remind their kids about the family values they try and live by.

“Try linking back to what your child values are,” says Kylie Rymanowicz, “This is an important way to help them think through that process. For example, if there is a TikToc trend of destroying bathrooms, walking through that with your child and saying… what is the result of this, what’s the outcome, who is cleaning it up, who is paying for the repairs.. does that really relate to what we value as a family?”

Experts say if you can talk with your kids before they do something stupid, chances are they won’t do it — so here are a few ways to limit TikTok bad behavior:

*Help them think through the consequences of posting something suggestive

*Provide them a preview of possible punishments

*Be tuned into their platforms

Many times kids don’t necessarily understand the meaning of some of their posts or the lasting impact they may have. Exactly why child experts say, it’s important to talk with your kids about TikTok and other similar apps — especially when having a persona on social media motivates their actions.

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